Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Virginia Engagement Party

Will and I celebrated our first Engagement Party in Virginia earlier this month.  Our hosts threw a great soiree at the Hampton Yacht Club and Will and I were so grateful for all of the friends and family who traveled the many miles to come support us. Here are some (blurry) pictures from the memorable night!


Less than 7 months to go!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY Fall Wreaths

It may be almost Christmas, but there is still some time to decorate for Fall.  Wreaths are a fun and easy way to make your house/apartment/whatever feel more like home. Here are two quick and easy wreaths I made for the season:

$8 oval wreath

$6 bouquet of artificial flowers

Pop the stems off

$4 wire to attach the flowers to the wreath

Attach the wire between the flower and base and secure to wreath

$8 hay wreath

2 artificial Autumn arrangements, $6 each

Remove the stem and use a pen to push the leaves into the wreath

Use a glue gun to add any extra decorations

Wreaths are fun and affordable gifts to give, and a DIY wreath makes the gift more personal. Find several more Fall Wreath ideas here!