Monday, September 26, 2011

The Real Real

I have a secret.  It's called The Real Real.  For those of you who are not familiar with The Real Real, read on, you will be glad you did.  My friend, Anne, introduced me to this online consignment boutique, and I have been keeping this treasure trove hush hush ever since. 

 In short, TRR is the first designer resale flash sale site.   More precisely, TRR is a "can't wait to check your email, knock-your-socks-off, Shut The Front Door, just found numbers 1-10 on my Christmas list, I may wear this for a month straight" super-mega discount, consignment boutique.  The site offers almost every luxury designer you could imagine.  To name a few:

The site provides multiple pictures of the items for sale, thereby assuring you that "gently used" does not mean "use gently or the heel will snap off".  Here is a preview of what's to come in the next few weeks.

The prices may still be on the expensive side, but when you consider what these items retail for, you really are getting one heck of a deal!  If you are a bargain hunter like me, The Real Real will not disappoint. Real Really!

Click here and sign up! 

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To...

My Fall/Winter wardrobe is very basic:  chunky sweaters, boots in leather or suede, and everything in neutral colors.  Scarfs are essential in the colder months because they add warmth and a pop of color.

 I saw this "How To" diagram on Erin's blog here and had to share!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Marriage in the Mountains

This weekend, I traveled to Asheville for my college friend Louisa's wedding.  She is quick-witted, intelligent and can turn any story into a comedy routine.  This picture of the bride arriving to the reception embodies her fun-loving spirit perfectly!


Philip, a fellow WoCo grad, proposed to Louisa last October by carving "Will You Marry Me?" into pumpkins and tactfully placing her ring on the stem of the last pumpkin.  This may be one of the greatest proposals ever and their wedding was just as memorable.  It was great to see my friends again, and the reunion made the night that much more special.


 The color scheme of the wedding (deep purples, maroons, and oranges) reflected the colors of the season.  No leaf was unturned. From the fiddler who played music for those arriving at the reception, all the way to the monogrammed carmel apples given to guests as they left, every detail embodied an autumn wedding.  


I especially liked the personal touches the B&G incorporated.  The groom's cake paid homage to his favorite band, The Grateful Dead.  At the end of the night, guests waved glow sticks as the newlyweds made their exit. 


A huge congratulations to Louisa and Philip!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Service with a :)

I saw the image below the other day on my way home from work.  I could not help but "crack" up.

I don't have any septic problems, but I almost wish I did, just so I could say I met a real life Pottyologist. I love a company that doesn't take itself too seriously.  I imagine that this paint job cost Bernie a pretty penny, and that is why he is only "semi-retired".  Regardless, Bernie must know what he is doing.  After all, he is #1 in the #2 Business!

I wish more companies would have a sense of humor. Here are a few more eye-catching advertisements from around the globe:  

Have a great Wednesday!

.....Must Have.....

One of my favorite looks for the Fall is the high-heeled loafer.  This classic shoe is making a comeback and taking the preppystaple to new heights.  Paired with jeans and a tee or a pencil skirt and a tailored trench, the loafer heel is the perfect shoe for any Fall ensemble. So forget about placing a penny in this loafer, you're bound to have good luck if you're wearing a pair of these pumps.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boom! Boom! Boomsday!

I spent the long weekend in Knoxville and had a great time seeing Will, his friends, and their girlfriends.  It is very rare that all of the "law school girlfriends" (2 are now fiancees, actually!!) are visiting Knoxville at the same time, so I was so happy to have the whole crowd together again.  Since seeing each other last, a lot has happened, and it was great to hear about everyone's new jobs, wedding plans, etc.

Will reaped the benefits of being a 3rd year student by snagging us 4th row seats for the first UT game.  Last year, we were in the 5th row...look who's the big man on campus now!

Minutes before the game, we had to clear the stadium because of a looming thunderstorm.  It seemed everyone else was prepared for the storm but me.  Even "Smokey" remembered his slickers.

On Sunday, I counted down the hours until one of my favorite events of the year: Boomsday!  Knoxville has the USA's largest Labor Day Firework Show and ohhh do I LOVE fireworks!  This year's show was the best yet.  They even had waterproof pyrotechnics. Yes, that's fireworks that exploded after being propelled into the water.  It was a sparkling way to end the weekend.


.....Must Have.....

Mother Nature has been a bit schizophrenic lately.  One minute, there is not a cloud in the sky, and the next, you feel like you may be washed away.  Just last week, I witnessed a hail storm as I was getting ready to leave work.  Marble sized pieces of ice were falling out of the sky in 80 degree weather!  As I waited inside my office for the pelting ice to subside, I cursed the misleading skies that morning and wished I had brought my rain gear to work.

For the ill-informed meteorologist in all of us, there is hope.  Enter: Mackage Packables, a nylon bomber jacket that folds into a totable pouch.  

Not only is this jacket water-resistant, its fitted silhouette and stand up funnel collar make it stylish as well.  The best part is that, when folded into the built-in pocket, it is small enough to fit into your purse. So, the next time Mother Nature tries to rain on your parade, pull out your Mackage and face the storm in style!

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"Heart It Races" Architecture in Helsinki

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What Not To Wear

I was reviewing pictures of "The Black Carpet" at the VMA's this week.  There were 2 specific thoughts going through my head while scrolling through the shots: 1. Why do I not recognize 90% of these people? 2. What on EARTH are these clowns wearing?

I know I don't watch MTV anymore but I felt like I had been under a rock for the past year.  Maybe that is not such a bad thing.  I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but some of these looked like they had raided the closets on Sesame Street.  Does anyone become famous based on talent anymore or is it just "Who can glue the most Christmas ornaments on themselves and call it an outfit"?

I could not help but compare these fools to their cartoon counterparts:



Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

I am headed to Tennessee for the long weekend.  Football, friends, and fireworks, I can't wait! I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!

Labor Day Fun