Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sepia-Toned Loving

This week has been busy to say the least. Hence, my blog has taken the backseat to more pressing activities.  With the constant presence of of sleigh bells and carols, it was finally impossible for me to avoid the reality that Christmas is a mere two and a half weeks away! With gift giving looming in the not so distant future, I decided to forgo a weekend away in order to save money and tend to the ever present To-Do List.  

Amidst the clutter that was consuming my closet, I uncovered a few meters of green ribbon that I had acquired from the gift wrapping station at Pottery Barn a few weeks ago.  I cut the ribbon into 16 inch segments and gave my shower curtain a makeover by tying bows around the curtain rings. Ta-Da!

By three o'clock I had crossed off half of my list and decided it was time to tackle my newest Do-It-Yourself project: a photo wall collage for my room.  I started by purchasing a handful of picture frames in different shapes and sizes.  I then spent an absurd amount of time at the Target Photo Center cropping and enhancing some of my favorite memories.  With no level, no layout and no tape measurer, I began the messy and laborious process of creating my ideal collage.  My wall took the beating of its life and I am dreading move out day when I have to conceal the numerous holes, dents, and scratches that have materialized over the course of my endeavor.  I finally finished and am happy with the final product!

Most importantly, I can not forget to wish my super duper brother George a Happy 26th Birthday!!!!!

You're finally of age...... to pay for your own health insurance.  Don't forget to send Obama a thank you!

Love you, Yetti!

.....Must Have..... 

I was thrilled to see a prevalent display of velvet in designers collections this season.  Velvet is one of my favorite winter materials. It is elegant by itself and can be modernized when paired with opposing materials like silk, shantung, or even sequins! This Black Velvet One Shoulder Dress by Rare Opulence is ideal for the holiday season. The sweetheart neck and asymmetrical cut provide a unique and surprising twist to the traditional winter cocktail dress.  So here's to the marriage of velvet and sequins and the reinvention of  the little black dress. 

.....Must Hear..... 

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