Monday, March 28, 2011

Is It April Yet???

My March Mania has yet to slow, down but fingers crossed, I will have more free time come April.  My list of March-Must-Do's includes but is not limited to:
  1.   Get a North Carolina License
  2.   Transfer my car Title
  3.   Register my car in North Carolina
  4.   Make a dentist appointment
  5.   Finish my taxes
  6.   Get an oil change 
  7.   Fill out 401K paperwork
  8.   Sign a lease on an apartment
  9.   Buy a sofa
  10.   Buy an armchair 
  11.   Replace my brake pads
So far, I have completed just over half of my list, which was no small feat I will have you know.  I was reading this month's Real Simple which devoted several of its pages to ways to relieve stress and stop procrastinating.  I think the writers of this month's issue were channeling my thoughts! One of the tips RS encouraged when tackling that daunting To-Do List was "Do the Worst Thing First", which in my case meant numbers 1-3.  I am famous for having to make multiple trips to the Devil's Waiting Room DMV whether it be for lack of the right paperwork, showing up on a Federal Holiday or failing my driving test.  So 14 months, $496.00 and 2 trips to the DMV later... I felt like an enormous weight had been lifted.  I am finally OFFICIALLY a North Carolina resident!!!!

Taxes were a new experience, and I am sure I could have saved myself a lot more money if I had a clue what I was doing.  However, I did get a refund and the pride of knowing that I did my taxes completely on my own for the first time.  Oh the joys of a recent college grad.

NOT to be confused with the "Easy Button"

Will took my car in for an oil change while I was at work, and I finally got my teeth cleaned this morning.  With half of my list completed, I can sleep a little better at night.  However, if I can't complete #8 by next month, I may have nowhere to sleep...

.....Must Have.....

Spring is in the air and you know what they say: April showers bring May flowers.  This week's forecast calls for rain, rain and more rain.  Stay dry and stylish with the accessory that makes even the gloomiest days a little brighter.

Marimekko Silkkikuikka

Cottage Rose
Mod Baltic
So until the flowers bloom, pull on your galoshes, open your umbrella and embrace April showers.  Your new outdoor accessory may even inspire you to look forward to cloudy skies.

.....Must Hear.....

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