Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movin' On Up....The Street

Well, I finally did it.  I signed my lease! After a long and laborious search, I found a one bedroom apartment around the corner for an affordable price.  I have not even been inside yet (yikes?) but I did manage to drive by and snap a picture of the front porch.  It may not be much, but it's all mine, and I am thrilled!

My Very Own Place :)

The kitchen is smaller than my bathroom, but on the bright side, Chef Boyar-ME does not have an extensive collection of cookware...shocking!

Worst case scenario?
The apartment is equipped with the bare necessities, and come May 7, I will start filling the space with my own odds and ends.  I am excited to decorate my very first place.  I have been reading some of my favorite DIY blogs and taking tips from "Design on a Dime".  Hopefully I can find a way to make my apartment look great without breaking the bank.  Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2011 Contest really gave me some inspiration.  Contestants submit pictures of their quaintly and cleverly decorated apartments some of which are less than 400 square feet!

Great entryway in a 552 Square Foot Apartment
All of this in only 500 Square Feet
325 Square Foot Studio
500 Square Foot loft
Elegant 600 Square Feet
I love this armchair found in a small apartment in Raleigh!

Although I thought finding my new residence would be the trickiest task, I am discovering that my move is far from complete.  I am learning that "utilities" encompasses much more than just electricity and that "basic cable" is actually not as basic as I once thought.  I am still trying to convince myself that the hefty 401K deduction on my recent paychecks is, as Mom so eloquently stated, "most certainly worth it, Concetta.  Someday when you're old and decrepit you'll be thankful for your savings".  Not exactly the selling point I was hoping for, but, I guess I will rely on the one truth I am fairly certain of: Mother Knows Best.  Welcome to the real world!

.....Must Hear.....

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