Monday, April 25, 2011

Sole Food

This weekend I was at home visiting Mom for Easter. We decided to pamper ourselves with a pedicure.  Not just any pedicure though...a fish pedicure at All About the Sole.  Yes, I said fish pedicure.  For those of you who have never heard of this bizarre procedure, I have decided to provide a video rather than try to explain. 

These toothless freshwater fish are native to Western Asia so, unless you're planning a trip to the Fertile Crescent, swim away.  This exfoliation technique was introduced in Turkey where the Garra Rufa fish serve as doctors to patients with skin ailments.  Hence the name "Dr. Fish Treatment".  In Turkey, patients and spa enthusiasts actually dip their entire bodies in fish infested pools.  Talk about braving the waters!

Can't say I would enjoy this...
Unlike traditional pedicures where a razor is implemented to slough away dead skin as well as healthy skin, the fish only remove the the bad skin. The first 5 minutes of our 15 minute dip, Mom and I squirmed in our chairs and tried to get acclimated to the ticklish sensation.  The tingling soon subsided and, before we knew it, our aquatic adventure was over.

Mom went first
Most people probably find this outlandish activity risky and unsanitary.  That is probably why it is banned in 14 states...  However, since this rare spa ritual has been introduced to the US, there has been no reported cases of harm done to the fish or the patrons.  It's a symbiotic relationship that leaves both parties satisfied.  The fish get full meals and I get soft heels!

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