Sunday, July 22, 2012

To the Maxx

Due to my offices close proximety to a shopping center, there is a TJ Maxx that beckons me every day on my drive home.  I stopped in Friday afternoon, and left with 2 Susana Monaco dresses for nearly 60% off retail!

This one
and This one
I told an underwhelmed store clerk how thrilled I was that The Teej was now carrying Susana Monaco, debatably, my favorite designer.  After my monologue, he told me I should check out the Brentwood store since they have a "Runway" section.  I wasn't entirely sure if this was a fact, or just an attempt to get the annoying girl out of the store. Either way, I headed to Brentwood the next morning and low and behold...

 In all the years I have been a Maxxinista, I never knew there was a distinguished Runway section in select stores.  The section featured designers like Nanette Lepore, Alice & Olivia, Tory Burch, and Elizabeth and James, just to name a few. There was even a Givenchy purse up for grabs at a modest $1,800.  I couldn't believe it!

The one down side to The Runway section: the sensitive alarms on the garments.  I tried on 8 articles of clothing and managed to set off the blaring sensors not once, but twice.  I now have 2 TJ Maxx associates within a 10 mile radius who will probably hide when I come in the store.  Too bad, because I will definitely back soon!

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