Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Mom and Carol came to Nashville for Labor Day weekend, and we had quite the time! Friday night, we had dinner at Bound'ry followed by a trip to my favorite place in Nashville, The Patterson House.

On Saturday, we headed to the Farmer's Market to catch the Big Pink Bus.  We had a hilarious tour of the city and the whole group was slapping their knees the entire ride.  If you are visiting or living in Music City, you must take the Nash Trash Tour (unless you're uptight or a major prude, the Jugg Sisters have NO filter)!

After the tour, we went to Will's office which is on the 17th floor of the Pinnacle building, so it has great views of the city.  After the scenic detour, we had lunch at a new restaurant called The Southern

After some down time, we headed to F. Scott's in Green Hill's for a delicious dinner.  No trip to Nashville is complete without visiting the bars on Broadway, so we had a drink and listened to the bands at Honky Tonk Central.  We finished the night scarfing down the most decadent chocolate cake in Nashville, at The Palm.

It was so great to have Mom and Carol in town.  Thank you for the good times, and see you very soon at PurpleStride!

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