Friday, January 28, 2011

So Cheap It Should be a Crime

My mother and I have contradicting outlooks on finances, especially in the clothing arena.  Mom insists it is wiser to buy 5 pairs of knockoff brand jeans and has no problem sacrificing quality for quantity.  I, on the other hand, appreciate the craftsmanship and  durability of designer clothing and therefore am much more prone to save my money until I can afford one pair of designer jeans.   She sees her way as getting more bang for your buck, I see it as a short-term solution.  She sees my way as a spontaneous splurge and I see my it as a long-term investment. That being said, I knew I had to call her the second I left the mall last night. 

My 2008 iPod is on it's last leg so after work I headed to the mall determined to find a newer model.  As I made my way through J.C. Penney toward the Apple store, I spotted a sale on pencil skirts and decided to take a look.  Before I knew it, I was rummaging through the sale racks grabbing every pant, shirt and skirt I could find.  After trying on multiple outfits, I left the fitting room with a red boucl√© jacket and a royal blue silk blouse.  I proceeded to the counter and when the cashier tallied up my grand total ($13.94!!!), I nearly fainted.  

I immediately grabbed the two items and began inspecting them, certain that I would discover a jagged seam line or a missing button.  To my delight, the clothes were in perfect condition.  "Spring collection's coming in next week, gotta make room," the cashier informed me, obviously sensing my astonishment.  

I was so thrilled, I turned to the lady in line behind me and shouted "Fourteen bucks! Do you see this? Fourteen bucks!"  My fellow shopper (Diane was her name) seemed to share my skepticism because she began inspecting the clothes too.  Diane looked at the price tag and she gasped "This jacket was originally $98.00! Where did you find it? What a deal!"  We spent the next 5 minutes marveling at the jacket and coming up with ways to accessorize the new ensemble. 

 As I skipped out of J.ust C.osts Pennies Diane and I exchanged our nice to meet you's and good bye’s.  I proudly strolled toward the door with my new purchases and Diane called out "Have a good night".  I just bought a new outfit for less than a tube of mascara, I would consider that a very good night.

 .....Must Have.....

One of the best examples of my mother's insatiable appetite for a good deal comes from a story my Dad used to share.  When my parents were first married, Dad came home from work to find two enormous bags of dog food in the pantry.  Dad was a bit confused seeing as they didn't have a dog nor were they planning on getting one. When asked about the bags of kibbles, my Mom explained that she simply could not pass up Purina's Buy One Get One Free deal at the grocery store and that when they did get a dog, they would already have food.  I always thought Mom's  premature purchase was ridiculous until I came across these adorable crate covers by BowhausNYC and found myself whipping out my wallet despite the fact that I have no dog.  

These adorable tailored covers come in small, medium, and large dimensions which means pooches of any size can lounge in luxury.  When I do get one, their puppy palace will be eagerly  awaiting them.  Now if only I could find a sale on dog food....

.....Must Hear.....

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