Tuesday, May 3, 2011

24 Years Young

Thanks to the help of Jessica, Will and I flew to Washington D.C. this weekend to celebrate my 24th birthday.  I was completely out of the loop as to our Friday night plans and was thrilled when we walked into a dueling piano bar.  The icing on the cake (pun intended) was Will and Jessica's musical surprise in honor of my Dad.  They knew Dad used to play "Walking in Memphis", so when the pianos began playing the familiar tune, I was speechless.  It was my first birthday without Dad, so their heartfelt request was a way of incorporating him into my special day.    

On Saturday we spent the day in Alexandria's historic Old Town.  I loved the outdoor cafes, the shaded walkways and the antique brick architecture. As Jess aptly noted, "Old Town is such a Concetta place."  She knows me too well!  We finished the day off with a trip to Whole Foods.  But not just any Whole Foods...I needed a map to navigate my way through this maze of magnificence.  My favorite feature was the in-store wine loft.  A wine a grocery store...Yes, please!

.....Must Have.....

Have you ever been on the phone at work and reached for a pen and paper but can only manage to find a stack of mini-Post-Its and a dull pencil.   How about when reaching for said pencil, your telephone cord brushes the pound of reports you just printed sending them cascading off the desk and onto the floor.  In a matter of seconds, this simple act of jotting-down a callback number has turned into a minor headache. Well, there is a simple (and cute!) solution to these omnipresent office uh-oh's.  From bronzed tape dispensers to personalized paperweights, Iomoi offers all the essentials to keep your workplace organized.  Iomoi's playful designs supply color for your desk and a solution for your mess.


.....Must Hear.....

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