Monday, May 23, 2011

Year of the Weddings

2011 has been a great year so far.  Several of my girlfriends are engaged, and I have been fortunate enough to join in the celebration of their pending nuptials.  I hold my friends in very high regard, so I am even more joyful to confess that each of them has found a man equally deserving of their awesomeness.

I was able to celebrate one such couple's engagement this weekend in DeBordieu.  Hanna and Nelson have been together for eight years!  Through high school, college and post-grad, these two have overcome more than just the test of time.  Hanna accomplished her dream of becoming an entrepreneur with the booming success of her stationary line, Gadabout.  Nelson is in medical school where he is not only making impressive strides in the radiology department, but also holds a position on MUSC's honor board.  Impressive as this may be, the power couple's laundry list of successes pales in comparison to their abilities to grow as individuals and a couple.  Although we have all called them a married couple through college, I can't wait until July when we can witness their official union.

Friday night we all reunited at the Hot Fish Club to relive our college days.  The sunny Saturday weather was perfect for a day of relaxing on the water and soaking up some rays for the first time in months.  I LOVE summer!


Saturday night we enjoyed a cocktail party hosted at a beautiful home, which we nicknamed "The Lair".  We thought this it was a fitting name thanks to the "game room" which displayed an array of hunting trophies, including. but not limited to, two bears, a leopard, a baboon and of course, a lion.  Neglecting all rules of social etiquette and decorum, we all could not resist snapping a picture (or three) of the lion's den.

After a delicious Sunday brunch on Pawley's Island, we all said our goodbyes.  Fortunately, we will only have a short time apart as we are all reuniting this coming weekend for a highly anticipated wedding.  On Saturday I will be standing by one of my dearest friend's Mary Loyal as she exchanges vows with her long-time beau Lash.  I am so excited for them! Let the water works and champagne flow!

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