Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Stay-cation

.....Must Have.....

For a considerable portion of my life, summer vacation meant one thing: no school for three months!  I would count down the days until I could turn in my books and unplug my alarm clock.  I warmly welcomed the change of pace and savored every minute of these precious weeks of freedom.  

As a fairly new member of the workforce, I am coming to terms with the fact that "summer" is no longer synonymous with "vacation".   My alarm still shrills at 6:15 each morning, and while I am in the thick of my workday, a younger generation is just getting out of bed.  It is no surprise that when I began unpacking last year's summer clothes, I could only designate about 10% of my summer wardrobe as "work appropriate".  Sundresses, wedges, linen pants, flowing skirts, sheer tunics all fail to meet the requirements of a professional dress code.

That being said, I was thrilled when I found Shabby Apple. The site offers summer clothes that meet the requirements of my office's dress code and my budget.  Most of the clothes on the site are under $100!  Saying goodbye to summer vacation has been difficult, but, I have enjoyed saying hello to a new summer wardrobe.

Bow Skirt
French Quarter Dress
Tulleries Dress (left) & Gondola Dress (right)
Fifth Ave Dress
Bacciami! Dress

.....Must Hear.....

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