Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boom! Boom! Boomsday!

I spent the long weekend in Knoxville and had a great time seeing Will, his friends, and their girlfriends.  It is very rare that all of the "law school girlfriends" (2 are now fiancees, actually!!) are visiting Knoxville at the same time, so I was so happy to have the whole crowd together again.  Since seeing each other last, a lot has happened, and it was great to hear about everyone's new jobs, wedding plans, etc.

Will reaped the benefits of being a 3rd year student by snagging us 4th row seats for the first UT game.  Last year, we were in the 5th row...look who's the big man on campus now!

Minutes before the game, we had to clear the stadium because of a looming thunderstorm.  It seemed everyone else was prepared for the storm but me.  Even "Smokey" remembered his slickers.

On Sunday, I counted down the hours until one of my favorite events of the year: Boomsday!  Knoxville has the USA's largest Labor Day Firework Show and ohhh do I LOVE fireworks!  This year's show was the best yet.  They even had waterproof pyrotechnics. Yes, that's fireworks that exploded after being propelled into the water.  It was a sparkling way to end the weekend.


.....Must Have.....

Mother Nature has been a bit schizophrenic lately.  One minute, there is not a cloud in the sky, and the next, you feel like you may be washed away.  Just last week, I witnessed a hail storm as I was getting ready to leave work.  Marble sized pieces of ice were falling out of the sky in 80 degree weather!  As I waited inside my office for the pelting ice to subside, I cursed the misleading skies that morning and wished I had brought my rain gear to work.

For the ill-informed meteorologist in all of us, there is hope.  Enter: Mackage Packables, a nylon bomber jacket that folds into a totable pouch.  

Not only is this jacket water-resistant, its fitted silhouette and stand up funnel collar make it stylish as well.  The best part is that, when folded into the built-in pocket, it is small enough to fit into your purse. So, the next time Mother Nature tries to rain on your parade, pull out your Mackage and face the storm in style!

.....Must Hear.....

"Heart It Races" Architecture in Helsinki

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