Sunday, October 23, 2011

 There's something about coming home to a freshly made bed.  I have been trying to make my bed before I leave for work every morning.  I know, MOM, I am 24 years old.  I should be in the habit of making my bed everyday, but I am not a morning person, and I have a 20- minute commute to work.  Most days, I barely get out the door with dry hair.   


For some reason, when my bed is made, I am more apt to stay more organized.  Since I have been on this kick, my apartment has been much cleaner.  After looking at some inspiring photos and reading this and this, I was ready to try for myself.  

Ta-Da!  I still need some colorful pillows and a bedskirt, but the bed looks better than ever.  The best part is, since I tucked my comforter under my mattress, making the bed was a piece of cake the next morning.  Now, if only I shared the same enthusiasm for washing the dishes...

.....Must Have.....

If you're a girl frequenting the wedding circuit (which is practically every girl in her 20s and 30s), you know how many occasions call for a new cocktail dress.  Whether an engagement party, a wedding, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, you always seem to be looking for new dress.  On the same token, if you're a girl in her 20s like me, you're not on a "buy a dress a month" budget.  A few months ago I wore this dress to my friend Hanna's wedding.  

To date, this dress is one of my all time favorite purchases.  For those of you who have never heard of a convertible dress, it's 12 dresses in one.   Thanks to the extra few yards of built in fabric, you can wear the dress a ton of different ways.  My particular dress is by Von Vonni, but several designers offer them.

So, the next time a friend announces her engagement, save time and money by snagging a convertible dress.  Who says you can't wear the same dress two times, even twelve times?  You can have your wedding cake and eat it too!

.....Must Hear.....

"Mango Tree" Angus & Julia Stone

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