Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Early Bird

In my 23 years, I have yet to accept the reality that nothing good comes from procrastinating. I have learned the hard way time and time again that good things rarely come to those who (me) habitually wait until the last minute.  I find myself in this familiar predicament as I sit here typing away. I leave for Boston in less than 10 hours and have yet to begin one of my most dreaded tasks: packing. I know at sunrise tomorrow morning I will scramble to throw every article of clothing I own into my suitcase. My mother always told me that I travel like a vagabond because whatever I can't fit into my carryon, I layer onto my body. In typical fashion (or lack thereof) I most recently arrived in New Orleans in the middle of summer wearing a tank top, under a dress, tucked into my skinny jeans, with a raincoat on top, and a spare pair of flats bulging out of my back pockets. Needless to say, I dress like an Olsen twin when I travel. On a positive note, I have a found that adequate layering provides extra nooks for storage and an oversized cardigan always doubles as a makeshift travel pillow.

Speaking of last minute packing, I have been racing around this week trying to take care of the "essentials" before my trip. Transferring everything into travel size containers, purchasing a new audiobook for the flight, and tying up loose ends at work.  Yesterday in the midst of my frantic rat race, I did get an unexpected hiatus from my never ending To-Do List.  Right before I sat down to a delicious meal of Easy Mac, I was informed that dinner was already taken care of. Will had ordered dinner for me from one of our favorite eateries in Raleigh! Rather than slaving over a hot microwave, I feasted on bow tie pasta salad with feta cheese, roasted vegetables, and chicken souvlaki, complete with a bottle of white wine. We didn't get to spend our anniversary together but he still was able to "treat me to dinner" alllll the way from Tennessee. He's alright :)

Welllll, my short but busy week is finally coming to a close and I am so pumped to be reunited with my friends and our parents at Katharine's wedding. Enough procrastinating, time to pack. Yay for an early weekend :)


  1. Love the blog Ms. Wilson... can't wait to check back frequently, since it's a new bookmark (right up there with my 2 fave authors!) :)

    safe travels - see you monday!

  2. wowza. will smith call lash springs.