Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Over the Hump, Under the Weather

Hump Day is almost over which means the weekend is near :)!!!!!

I was hoping this post would be a montage of pictures and memories from the amazing wedding this past weekend. However, following an inexplicable chain of events, my camera is enjoying an extended vacation in Cincinnati. I left my camera in the care of one of the groom's "responsible" friends while Jess and I cut a rug to what can only be described as a cross between Irish Drinking Tunes and Polka. Hopefully my camera is on its was to Raleigh and I will be able to share allll the details of the Waterman-Gibler nuptials!   

In the meantime, I am suffering from wedding fever. Not the kind a bride-to-be gets, the kind that a wedding-goer catches after a weekend of non-stop celebrating. 

It is no coincidence that my P.I.C. and fellow bridesmaid Jessica called me today and upon hearing my scratchy voice said, "Oh, you're sick too"? I am anxiously awaiting the departure of my dry throat, itchy nose, and pounding sinus pressure. On a happy note, I have enough cold medicine to last me the next 10 years, or at least until the end of wedding season.

..........MUST HAVE..........
Iconic shoe designer Jimmy Choo, and Britain's premier boot label Hunter, have collaborated and introduced these stylish Wellington's! The crocodile print adds a sleek, sophisticated edge to Hunter's traditionally solid wellies.  The rubber kicks are lined with leopard print and create quite the fashionable juxtaposition of luxury and durability.  The only downside is the price (a mere $325). Time to crack open the piggy bank!

..........MUST HEAR..........


  1. Heard the camera was recovered! Can't wait for your recap - and for professional pictures of my gorgeous bridesmaids :) Katharine

    P.S. Love that you have a blog!

  2. love these, but love you even more. miss you!

    ca ca head