Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Know You're Old When.....

Still waiting for my camera to arrive, fingers crossed it is slowly making its way to Raleighwood.  In the meantime, I acquired another camera. Blogging is just not the same without photos to chronicle my tales.

I spent this weekend in Knoxville experiencing a "real" football game.  Not to discredit my sacred alma mater Wofford College but.... our game days were a bit different than game day at a large university like Tennessee.  Thanks to our hosts the Dietrichs, I enjoyed the full tailgating experience: a large tent and chairs, a table adorned with snacks, a cooler full of drinks, even a cable TV that was of course stationed to ESPN.  The familiar tune "Rocky Top" filled the air, and everyone was in a great mood.

This was my second UT game and I am convinced that you would still need to wear sunglasses to a game if it were raining because of the prominence of bright orange attire and accessories. The Vols (not short for The Vultures which all of these years I thought was the Tennessee mascot, laughs expected) played the Florida Gators, and the stadium was a sea of (mostly) orange, white and blue.

Although I am the last person to consider myself a football fanatic, I have begun to understand, and dare I say, appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm that fans have for their respective teams.  I had so much fun, and I couldn't help but wish I was a freshman again, sigh......oh to be young.

Yes, yes I know, I am still very young but I have been noticing that lately I get enjoyment out of things that most 23 year olds should be embarrassed to admit.  Last week, I could barely contain my excitement as I opened my very own library card and then proceeded to spend an hour scouring the shelves for the perfect audio book.  When I'm not listening to a book on tape, my radio seldom leaves NPR. Our apartment now has a fancy new washing machine, and I was so ecstatic I considered reading the manual so I could get tips on how to best maintain the thread count in my sheets.

However, October is going to be filled with several weekend getaways with college and high school friends that will surely bring the inner twenty-something girl out of me!!!

.....MUST HAVE.....

It's hard to believe that UK designer and founder of Graham and Greene, Antonia Graham, was originally inspired by intricate Persian rugs and exotic architecture of the Far East.  Today, Graham's collections range from Post-Victorian antique elegance to modern contemporary.  Although you won't be finding any Graham and Greene boutiques in the states, I hope that these timeless pieces and accessories will serve as a template for future interior designers and an inspiration for Do-It-Yourself gurus. Here are a few of my favorites:

.....MUST HEAR.....

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