Monday, June 11, 2012

Europe Day 2

On Monday afternoon, Mom and I began our trip from Barcelona to Provence.  At the guidance of our wise friend, Rick Steves, we made a few detours along the way.  Most notably, was our day trip to Carcassonne, a remarkably intact, fortified city in Languedoc.

After Carcassonne, we drove a few hours until we reached our destination.  Mom met a couple from Georgia a few years ago while on vacation.  She kept in touch with them, and when we traveled to Europe, they generously insisted we stay in their summer home in Vers, France.  Not only did we save a pretty penny in lodging, we got to live like French natives, in a stone fortress, complete with a spiral staircase!

Mom and I settled in and planned our next day's adventures.  Only 2 more days til our best friends and traveling buddies, Jess and Cheryl, were set to arrive! To be continued....

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