Sunday, June 10, 2012

Europe Day 1

One week after my birthday, I headed to Europe for a week with my Mom.  After months of hinting to my Mom that my passport was collecting dust, she caved in and planned a trip across the Atlantic. Of all the times I have been to Europe, I have never spent any time in Spain. Fortunately, Mom decided to begin and end our trip in Barcelona.  I arrived in Barcelona at 8AM (1AM in Nashville), and Mom had a full day planned.  I don't drink coffee, but I sure could have used one!

Seeing as we only had 1 full day there, I insisted we do the tourist thing and hit as many landmarks as possible.  Before checking into the hotel, we strolled down Las Ramblas, the long promenade that stretches through the heart of the city. Along each side were mimes, street performers, and vendors. 

After a shower and quick nap, Mom and I headed out for a bus tour of the town.  I was itching to see La Sagrada Familia, so we made this landmark our first stop. It was a gorgeous day for sightseeing and we spent the next few hours visiting other famous sites.

That night, we met up with our family friends, the Schmidts. We wandered around the old city, ate dinner, and stopped to check out the street performers. I even got to take part in one of their stunts!

The next day, we visited the famous La Boqueria, the colorful market which features local meats, produce, and other specialties. 

After this, we said Adios to Spain and began making our way across the border to France!

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