Monday, July 25, 2011

A Little Gandy, How Dandy!

It was almost 2 months ago when one of my closest friends, Tippins, told me she and her husband Wilson were expecting their first child.  Being the sensitive friend I am, I burst into tears and screamed "What? Are you crazy!?!?"  After a few minutes, my tears of horror turned into tears of joy as Tippins gushed about how happy she and Wilson were for this blessing and how much they were looking forward to starting a family.

I made Tippins promise that she would keep me informed over the next few months and she has kept her word.  I recently got a call from Tip as she was leaving her doctor's appointment and...

This is especially good news considering I bought a teeny tiny pink butterfly tutu for the little bean sprout a month ago! Phew, I don't think it would look as cute on a little boy....

So, although I still think she is crazy...I am thrilled for Tippins and Wilson.  I have no doubt they will be phenomenal parents and I am excited to meet the little pollywog in 5 months!

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  1. I could literally hear you talking when I read this. Maybe it was bean sprout or pollywog. Not sure. I can't wait either. Like ML said, that bundle of joy will be 3 months old at my wedding. Weird & exciting! Come visit us soon!!