Monday, August 22, 2011

Shoulder Pads and a Veggie Bag

Last week, I went through my closet and discarded all of the clothes I had outgrown and/or never wear anymore.  I filled three bags: one for Goodwill, one for consignment, and one for items that need tailoring.  Mom thought this was a great idea, so when I was visiting Hampton this weekend, we spent the morning going through her closet.  I am quite certain Mom has not downsized her wardrobe since junior high.  Among the list of fashion artifacts were: 7 polyester button-downs, 4 tailored suits that could double as medieval armor, 2 skorts and one purse shaped like a head of lettuce.  After a few hours of desperate pleas from Mom like "Don't get rid of that, I should keep it in case I decide to take up belly dancing" my job was done. 

The damage
Mom appeared to be a bit traumatized after the closet raid, so, to lift her spirits, my friend Emmy and I decided to model some of the unfashionable frocks that night.  Our impromptu fashion show was a hit, and Mom bid adieu to years worth of fashion faux pas.

I spy some produce
The next morning, we took half of the treasures to Goodwill and half to the consignment store.  Mom agreed to part ways with almost everything, save the lettuce purse.  She's still convinced that it is "not a vegetable, it's a large green rose".  I guess you can't win every battle.


  1. This is hysterical!! Come do my closet next?? You can keep whatever you decide to "trash."

  2. Ummmm.... I just laughed aloud 3 times. And then reread the post so I could laugh x3 again.