Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Extra Baggage

I have a slightly embarrassing funny story.  I have been scouring the sale adds for the past month looking for a lightweight and durable rollerboard that I could give to Will for Christmas.  I finally found a 20" expandable carry-on, and the price was incredible! Too incredible...  Just days after I gave Will his present, I got a call from him at the Nashville airport.  I knew I was doomed when Will said, "Now don't get upset, but did you save the receipt?" Yes, the entire handle of his luggage fell off.  No, I did not save the receipt.

Needless to say, I have been thinking of all of the other gifts I was considering buying him before I settled on his defunct trunk. 

for him

1.  Ledbury Red Parker Gingham Shirt- Ledbury is an amazing clothing company based out of Richmond.  I went to school with one of the founders, Paul T.  He was stylish then, and clearly he has put his talent to good use.

2.  Edgar Alexander Bedford Wax Overnight Bag-  If my budget weren't an issue, this would have been the carry-on I purchased initially. EA duffles are the Barbour of bags.  Sturdy, water-resistant and rugged.

3.  The McMillan Case for Moore and Giles-  A perfect purchase for the on-the-go professional.  

4.  David Donahue Cufflinks- Who says men can't have a little fun with their wardrobe.  Your guy can accessorize with these subtle studs.

5.  Anderson Design Group Prints- Will gave my father the guitar print above for his 60th birthday.  He loved in, so in return, I got Will a framed print of his high school Alma Mater.  Browse the site for hundreds of options. 

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