Saturday, December 10, 2011

NYC Day 3

 We were so lucky to be in New York during the small window of time that the Elizabeth Taylor Collection would be on display at Christie's Auction House.  On December 13th, these prized possessions, valued at around $50 million, will be auctioned off to benefit charity. From clothes, to artwork, to jewels, there was one jaw-dropping relic after another.

Just a peak at her wardrobe. 
33 carat diamond ring given to Taylor by Richard Burton. 
The large pearl went through 10 generations of Spanish Royalty before Burton bought it for Taylor and had Cartier mount it.
Bulgari snake bracelet
Louis Vuitton luggage.
Some of her favorite accessories.
After nearly 3 hours, Mom called and informed me that everyone else had finished the exhibit and had headed to lunch.  I could have spent an entire day there!  We headed to Bloomingdales for lunch at Le Train Bleu and took advantage of the tax free promotion given to out-of-state shoppers.

All weekend I had my eyes peeled for a star sighting. We were having our last dinner at BG Restaurant on the top floor of Bergdorfs when Jess said she thought she saw Rachel Zoe.  Taking no chances, we bolted to the restroom, and there was Rachel changing Sky's diaper.  Jessica and I were so flustered, we walked into the same stall, freaked out, then applied lip gloss by the changing table for what must have been 5 minutes.  As we walked out, we brushed by a man with a stroller, our "babe" Rodge.  After dinner, we took the elevator to the bottom floor and when the doors opened, we were face to face with the Zoe clan once again.  In my state of hysteria, I only snapped this photo :(

Around 7PM, Jess and I split a cab to the airport and parted ways.  I had such an amazing trip, and I am so happy I got to share this vacation with my best friend and our Moms.  Thank you Mom and Cheryl for everything you did to make this weekend one of my most treasured memories :)

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