Sunday, February 13, 2011

Black Swan

Last week I decided to do something I rarely do: go see a movie in the theater.  I prefer to enjoy movies in the comfort of my home in my pajamas where I am free to pause, rewind, adjust the lights, the volume, etc.  Upon seeing previews for Black Swan a month ago, I insisted that Will and I see it on "the big screen".  I was so excited to see the flick I almost forgot why I avoided theaters in the first place.  The theater was so dark upon entering, I had to double check to make sure I had removed my sunglasses.  I don't need to see, I know what Natalie Portman looks like! My feet provided their own sound effects with the help of the sticky concoction of spilled sodas, Airheads, and popcorn kernels that lingered on the linoleum floor.  Who cares if my feet get glued to the ground, I'll probably want an excuse to stay and watch the film again! 

Well, all in all, Black Swan was a let down. Granted Portman portrayed a girl battling psychological and emotional issues, I struggled to relate with her character.  The movie was so gory at times, I had to close my eyes.  Portman's role went from innocent to explicit in a matter of minutes.  The excessive sexual scenes would leave even the most open-minded viewer uncomfortable.  The plot line was hard to follow, and Portman's random and bizarre hallucinations did not help.  I was hoping for a thriller that focussed on the pressures professional dancers endure.  Instead, I suffered through 110 minutes of inappropriate vulgarity, excessive screaming, and stomach-churning snapshots. 

So, unless Steve Martin is planning on reprising his role as George Banks in Father of the Bride Part 3, I do not think I will be racing back to the theater anytime soon.

.....Must Have.....

Despite my negative critique of Black Swan, there was one aspect of the film that I could appreciate: the fashion.  Performing Swan Lake, the actresses oozed elegance in costumes designed by Rodarte.  The stars were stunning from head to toe, donning ornate feathery headpieces, generously layered organza tutus and neutral leotards dripping in Swarovski crystals.  The ballerina-on-the-go look was just as eye-catching: cashmere leg warmers, comfy cotton shrugs, and of course, ballet flats.

That is why I was so captivated by Aruna Seth's one-of-a-kind butterfly flats.  Seth's Liana patent leather ballerina flat skillfully combined both the eccentricity of the on-stage ballerina as well as the effortless simplicity of the off-duty-dancer.  Her signature crystal butterfly adds a whimsical touch to the otherwise basic flat.  My dreams of becoming a prima ballerina may have faded years ago, but I sense that the Liana flat may just inspire me to do a few pirouettes.

.....Must Hear.....

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