Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I admit, I am a bit of a hopeless romantic so, I could not help but to have an extra pep in my step today.  Some of my fellow office friends and I showed our support by wearing red and pink, handing out roses, and sporting heart-shaped beads and glasses. That's the spirit!

Flowers, X's and O's, romantic gestures... Some people find February 14th nauseating, but I think it is sweet.  I love the innocence Valentine's Day: the heart-shaped coffee filter crafts, the cheeky cherubs flittering across the television, the awful but so delightful Hallmark commercials, and of course the sudden alertness of all girls in the room when a flower truck pulls into the parking lot.  Yep, that was me today! Will knows I love surprises but despise waiting for them, so he ordered my flowers a week ago to ensure they were first on the delivery route (and it's a good thing he did, the florist told me I was delivery 2 of 240).  At 9:01 this morning my mousepad and letter opener made way for my beautiful bouquet! My Valentine waited until after work to tell me I had cupcakes waiting for me at Gigi's.  I'm hesitant to eat them because they are so adorable!

.....Must Have.....

Thanks to Ronald Reagan and dating a boy in law school, I know that the obligatory "power tie" is most always red.  A red tie is synonymous with wealth, motivation, and luck.  A lady who wears a red dress attracts a different type of attention.  A woman in red is usually associated with passion, love, and commitment.  What better color to wear on February 14th than a red dress? After all, the red dress did inspire one of history's most popular love songs. So for today, let's push the LBD to the back of the closet and celebrate the color that universally symbolizes love.  Here are some of my favorites:

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent

M by Marc Jacobs

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