Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In it to Win it

I made the trip back to Virginia this past weekend to celebrate Mom's birthday and what a celebration it was! On Saturday night, the Lockwood's treated Mom and me to a delicious meal at one of my favorite restaurants, Schlesinger's. It was so great spending time with my second family, and of course, the birthday girl!

After dinner, Jessica and I went to the grocery store and bought $42 dollars worth of a random assortment of goods all in preparation for the night's big festivities.  A few weeks ago I was introduced to the amazing game, Minute To Win It.  If you haven't discovered this jackpot of a game show, you must tune in!  Contestants are given a series of tasks that they must complete in 60 seconds or less. All of the games are played with items you can find in your home: Kleenex, straws, rubber bands, etc.  Jessica and I chose a few of our favorite games and competed against our mothers.  Mom and Cheryl played Hanky Panky which requires the players to pull all the tissues out of a Kleenex box using only one hand.  That's 160 tissues in 60 seconds, not as easy as it may seem!

Jessica and I then taped the empty Kleenex boxes to our backs and filled them with ping pong balls.  I can only imagine how ridiculous we looked when the timer started and we had to shake the balls out of the box.  What a workout!

The most hilarious game was called Elephant March.  In this game, you put a baseball into a pair of pantyhose and have to knock over 8 water bottles.  The tough part is the pantyhose goes over your face so it looks like you have a trunk growing from your head.  This was by far the most difficult challenge, especially since we were laughing so hard we were having trouble standing.

This weekend, Jessica and her boyfriend are joining Will and me in Duck, NC.  We are undoubtedly forcing our significant others to partake in our new favorite game/comedy routine.  Yes, we may be LOSERS for loving this game but I'm in it to WIN it!

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