Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inn Like Flynn

I'm finally getting around to recapping my President's Day weekend.  After 2 weeks of researching, we decided to rent a spacious beach house nestled in the heart of Duck, North Carolina.  Inn Like Flynn was the perfect fit, complete with a billiards table, a pool, a hot tub, a newly renovated kitchen and spectacular views of the ocean and the sound. 

For February, the weather could not have been better, and we made sure to make the most of our mini-vacation.  I was thrilled to finally meet Jessica's new beau Jon, and lucky for him, he definitely earned the best friend "stamp of approval"! 

Saturday afternoon, we all piled into the car and headed down the road to nearby Nags Head.  My family used to own a home in the Outer Banks and due to the close proximity of OBX to Hampton, a large portion of my childhood was spent at our beach house. Once George and I headed off to college, my parents made the difficult decision of selling our home-away-from-home, so I insisted we stop by the old digs.  Seeing as Jessica and I have been best friends since elementary school, we had a great time reminiscing about our countless trips to the shore.  
Hello from Eighteen South
We continued the trip down memory lane by visiting one of my favorite local dives, Tortuga's Lie for a much anticipated lunch.  After appeasing our hunger, we headed to the local bowling alley to satisfy our competitive appetites.  Under our creative pseudo names, we played three rounds.  There were several highlights of the game.  Will (Lucky Lefty), still recovering from right shoulder surgery, had to bowl left-handed and was such a good sport! Jessica (CaCa), managed to send her 10lb. bowling ball sailing backwards in a display of talent we had only seen on America's Funniest Home Videos.  In a streak of unfathomable luck, I (Sweatta, not Sweat) managed to get 5 strikes in a row! Knowing my brush with bowling glory would soon be over, I had to take a picture of the once-in-a-lifetime King Pin moment. 
Next on our OBX bucket list was a visit to Jockey's Ridge State Park to hike the dunes. The games continued as we had a competition to see who could jump the furthest off the sand dunes.  Our attempts to fly were futile at best as they consisted of 2 second air-time followed by 3 pounds of sand in our shoes.

Flying Failure
After attempting to shake off the sand we had all gathered, we made our way back to Duck just in time to watch the sunset from our balcony.  

Sunset on the sound
We got dressed for the evening and met up with Jessica's godparents at The Blue Point for drinks.  Much to our delight, the Lawson's offered to treat the four of us to dinner.  The food was incredible, and it was great enjoying a delicious meal by the water with friends.

Blue Point 
After dinner, we headed back to the house for the highly anticipated girls vs. boys "Minute To Win It" challenge.  The competition was fierce but, unfortunately, the boys ended up reigning supreme despite our practice rounds.  I guess we will have to plan another meetup because I am looking forward to a rematch!   

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