Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Relax & Unwind

My trusty travel companion (my camera) was left in Raleigh this past weekend. However, my other trusty travel companion Jessica was smart enough to bring her camera to chronicle our wonderful trip to the Outer Banks. Hopefully, she will be sending me the photos soon so I can properly document our fun weekend by the water.  

A three-day weekend means a four-day workweek, and a four-day workweek means the office has been busier than normal these past two days. The To-Do list on my desk seems to be ever-increasing, a relentless reminder that while I was enjoying a Monday off-the-clock, the majority of the working world was not so lucky.  In an attempt to withdraw from my busy day, I decided to treat myself to a stress-free evening.  I burnt cooked dinner, had a glass of wine, and am planning on finally flipping through the various magazines I received in the mail last week.  In honor of my evening's repose, I thought I would share a playlist I compiled on iTunes aptly named, "Relax & Unwind".  If I set the fire alarm off while attempting to make a grilled cheese sandwich, at least the firemen will have a peaceful soundtrack to listen to as they extinguish the flames.  Enjoy!

  Copper Line - James Taylor
Details In the Fabric - Jason Mraz
Edge of Desire - John Mayer
Human - Jon McLaughlin
Nothing Fancy - Dave Barnes
Pitter-Pat - Erin McCarley

Rise - Eddie Vedder
Sweetness In Starlight - Matt Wertz
Wild Horses - The Sundays

Dream - Priscilla Ahn

.....Must Have.....

It has become apparent that Lindsay Lohan has a habit of making bad decisions.  As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that her only wise decision thus far was her role in Parent Trap.  Her party-girl lifestyle has rendered us all speechless and proven that money can't buy you class or even a $2500 necklace.  Although I must commend her attempt to revive the ankle bracelet fad, LiLo's fashion in the past few years has been seriously lacking.  But just before I threw Lohan in the Worst Dressed category, she did what she does best: she surprised me.  Lohan recently sported this to-die-for Kimberly Ovitz "Glavis" minidress on her way to, wait for it...court.

This "a bit short for court" dress may not have been a hit with the judge, but it sure was popular with the public.  The dress sold out almost immediately and is now impossible to find on or offline! So thank you Kimberly Ovitz, I think wearing your dress may be the second best decision Lindsay has ever made.

.....Must Hear.....

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